News - our 2017 AGM took place in Felixstowe on Saturday October 14th. We are grateful to Felixstowe for hosting this event.
Notes, and an updated Membership list, will be published here soon.

Would your town or community like to connect with a town in France?

You may already have a twin town in another European country, or be thinking
about establishing a community link with our close neighbours.
The town of La Garenne-Colombes, close to Paris, in the Haut de Seine, is looking
for twinning contacts with a community in East Anglia.
La Garenne-Colombes is an attractive town with excellent transport links by tram,
bus and train into the heart of Paris. There are more than 300 clubs and associations,
offering very lively sporting and leisure activities. The town has two secondary
schools, a college as well as a theatre, swimming pool and skate park.
La Garenne-Colombes already has a thriving international exchange programme
with the Bavarian town of Wangen, with an emphasis on youth culture and sports.
The Essex and Suffolk Joint Twinning Congress, which represents twin
communities from across our region, received this invitation and would be very
pleased to hear from anyone who might be interested in this great opportunity.
Phone 01787 464396 for further information.

Minutes of 2016 AGM held in Colchester

Bury Friends of Compiegne recently hosted a lunch to celebrate 50 years of Twinning links. Congratulations all round!

Sudbury Town Twinning Association celebrated their 10th Anniversary with Fredensborg in Denmark.

Sible Hedingham Twinning Association have sent their recent Newsletter which can be read here.

Twinning groups across Suffolk and Essex who are not yet members - do please get into contact!

The British German Association, and the Bristol/Hannover Council hosted a conference "Challenge and Opportunity in Furthering British-German Understanding" in Bristol, May 12th 2017. This was of direct interest to all Twinning Associations.
Click here for more details about the

British-German Association
Bristol-Hannover Council


Town Twinning and Brexit. June 2016.

The Essex and Suffolk Joint Twinning Congress represents the many East Anglian communities, large and small, that are twinned with European towns and villages in several different countries.
Whatever the politics of different nations, and whatever will change in the future, we all remain committed to the principles of Town Twinning.
Rest assured that all our member associations will continue to work towards extending, not restricting, opportunities to promote friendship and understanding for all British and European citizens wherever they live.

The Essex and Suffolk Joint Twinning Congress brings together twinning associations from across East Anglia to share ideas and experiences. Many towns and villages have long-standing connections with their European twins, and more communities may wish to join us. We all work actively with our friends in Europe to expand mutual understandings and build lifetime friendships across international borders. Twinning offers unique oportunities to get to know our European neighbours in dynamic and friendly ways.

Twinners welcome visitors of all ages and backgrounds into their homes, and the hospitality is returned when we visit the twin town. We always receive the warmest of welcomes. Languages are not a barrier to enjoyment, although an interest in learning other languages is always appreciated. We are keen to encourage individuals, clubs and teams across the region to participate in these opportunities. So if you are a member of a sports team, music group or social club, why not contact us ? We could put you in touch with like-minded Europeans and your group could soon be on its way. We are especially keeen to encourage young people.


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Colchester students in Avignon - an international celebration

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